before and after

So Friday was my last day at my big corporate job. It felt weird knowing that I was leaving the office environment, especially when it came time to clean my desk. And for those of you who ever saw my desk in real life, you'll understand what type of a task that was! But alas, I got it done (although it took a week of purging and redistributing things onto my coworkers' desks) and here's proof:

Before and After

I suppose this is proof that miracles do happen? Ha! I can actually see the top of the desk now. Interesting! :)


Mama Jod said...

Wow, there is a desk under there! When I worked in am office, My desk used to look like the before picture. It is crazy how things just accumulate, but if you think of it work is a home away from home. Sometimes people spend more waking hours at the office than they do at home.

Best of Luck to You in your New Path! I am so excited for you!

Karen W said...

Do I see a scrapbook page in your future?? Good Luck!! Can't wait to meet up with you some Monday.

motherkearney said...

Congrats on your finalist status on being turned in by your friend to CK!