It. Is. Creeping. Up. On. Me!

I'm participating in the 8th annual Somerville Open Studios (SOS) event this year - my first ever craft fair/event! I will have a table set up at Spark that weekend to sell greeting cards, journals, framed photographs, and more. However ... it's only a couple of weeks away and I'm not ready!!! Between designing layouts for
Right at Home, starting a new job, and losing my creative mojo ... let's just say that I've been slackin' in the productivity department! Agh!!

Anyway, one bit of good news is that they just published the maps for this year's event. There will be 100 locations throughout Somerville showcasing the talents of many many artists, and the city was divided into five groups. Spark is on map A, location number 14. If you want to see the map online, go to www.somervilleopenstudios.org and you can access an interactive one.

So so excited about this opportunity. So so freaking out about not having a big inventory.

P.S. I work well under pressure and at the last minute. I just hope I can pull this off!


Anonymous said...
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Debi B. said...

Well, you SO CAN DO IT!!! I've got confidence in YOU, girl! Sounds like lots of fun!

Eleena, RijuDesigns said...

You can do this and I am certain that you will pull this off!!!! I know this event and you will get lots of great publicity from it. Awesome! Keep it going girl, I am impressed by all that you have going and doing! And I believe that you are our going to impress everyone that walks in your door!!! Remember to have fun with it