what I am thankful for

Right now, I am thankful for ...

... my loving boyfriend

... my family, as geographically divided we may be

... one of my favorite cookbooks

... having a reason to bake these cookies to share with people we love

... Smuckers for not using high fructose corn syrup in their raspberry preserves (yay!)

... friendships and bonds

... time to give thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!


Karen W said...

Candice those look so good!! I miss you blogging all the time and I miss you, we need to meet up one day soon. Happy Holiday!!!

Debi said...

Wonderful photo, Candice... I'm drooling over those cookies! LOL Glad you had a great weekend! TTYS...

Susan said...

CANDICE!!!!!!!!!!!! those look so good... i need some NOW! can i beg you to share the recipe... or is there somewhere that i can find it?!?! :) -S