S.O.S. 2007

Thanks to everyone that stopped by my booth at this year's Somerville Open Studios (SOS) event. I know I didn't do any advertising (read: harrassment - LOL) about it this year, but I had a pretty good turn out nonetheless. It was great talking with people that made the trek over to Spark, and thanks to all of my new customers. :)

One of the big sellers during the weekend was one of my favorite cards - the monster duo. Also, I wanted to post it here so that I could enter a contest on the A-Muse-A-Palooza blog. I'll have to post more info about this weekend's happenings later ... have to go get some much needed sleep after quite a stressful week of organizing the event and making a bazillion cards. G'night everyone!

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scoopy said...

Love how you did the ribbon through the eyelets on the tags!