saturday shopping

We drove down to the new Natick Collection on Saturday to do a little shopping. Never hurts, right? Well, not physically anyway. Pocketbook, maybe. :)

I got a couple of little things. A new pair of black shoes from Nordstrom (of course) and a green top from J. Jill (I've never shopped there before, but this top really caught my eye - must've been the green).

Is it wrong that I just totally cut off that woman's head from the photo??

Then Tony and I had dinner at the Met Bar & Grill. They make some really yummy burgers!

(P.S. You can read all about my review of this restaurant on my new blog - Candice Cooks!)

And then after all that, Tony bought me this really cute green jacket from Old Navy. I must say, I do like green. A lot.

I'm gonna need to make a new scarf to go with this pretty jacket soon! It's sooooo cold already!

It sure was a nice Saturday. :)

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hermione53 said...

love what you bought!