my first pair of knitted socks

Are finally complete!!

Okay, not exactly sure when I started these (four weeks? five weeks? no, six+ weeks ago really??!) but I finally decided to just take them home and finish the toe on the second side last night. Voila! Not the most perfect pair but hey, they're my first!

(Hee hee ... it looks like I'm clapping my feet to cheer for myself in this picture.)

I messed up one row of the second sock (note to self: must pay attention to the pattern! stop talking so much during knitting hour!) so you can see how it bulges out a little funny on the top band, but oh well. They're mine and they're imperfect. C'est la vie.

I really like this yarn that I used and I have about a skein left of it. Trying to think of something to make with them but in the meantime, I like looking at the tiny stitches that it formed on the sock.

Going to continue dreaming of all the yarn that I'll get to see at Webs on Monday ... TGIF!! :)

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little.one said...

Is that Koigu yarn? Love the colors. Great job!