On our way to work this morning at the T station, my boyfriend spotted the new issue of Details magazine and pointed it out to me because it just so happens that McDreamy is on the cover. McDreamy - for you non-Grey's Anatomy followers - is Patrick Dempsey. You know? Of that adolescent flick, Can't Buy Me Love?

Anyway, I have always thought he was really cute. And now that I've been hooked on GA, I think he's ten times yummier and I like him even though his character had an affair. I totally think he should divorce his wife and be with Meredith. Yes, Meredith is a little coo-coo, but she's so in love with him.

Getting to the point ... so seeing the magazine cover was somewhat of a coincidence too. Last night, my boyfriend told me that someone in his band told him that he looks like McDreamy. And come to think of it, he kind of does! Not like this photo on the cover since my boyfriend doesn't have a mustache and beard, but I found this photo from a whole slew of them posted on the web and it's pretty similar.




Karen W said...

OHH McDreamy..aren't you lucky! He's the only guy, other than my husband of course that does it for me! Love that show!!!

Debi said...

Well, I hate to admit it... I don't watch GA or even know who McDreamy is! But, Tony's pretty dang handscome, so I think you should stick w/him! :)

Susan Weinroth said...

Ooooh! I hijaked that issue of Details from Eric already... its mine... all mine! LOVE McDreamy!!! and he does look a little like Tony!!! too funny! :)