new shoes

So the other day I got a phone call from our mom.

Mom: "What size shoes do you wear?"
Me: "Mom, you know I wear a size 2."
"Not a 3?"
"No, 2."
(Shouting to someone in the background:) "She wears 2."
(Now back to me:) "I'm buying you shoes. They are sooooo cute!"
"Where are you?"
"I'm at Nordstrom."
"Are they having a sale?"
"No. The minute we walked in and I saw it I said, 'Oh my God, I have to get those for Candi!'"

I'm laughing by now because I can totally picture our mom with a cell phone in one hand and a little shoe in her other one fighting for the salesman's attention. That was on Monday.

And look what was waiting for me when I got home from work!

And they are (to quote mom) soooooo cute!

I tell you, among my many other woes in life, buying sophisticated looking shoes in a kids size 2 is among the top of the list. As a teenager and during my early college years, it was either Barbie-meets-velcro or some other type of flat, kid-ish looking shoe.

Alas ... NORDSTROM! Hallelujah!

Seriously, this is about the only place that I can find adult-ish, semi-heeled, cute shoes. And of course, it helps to have a mom that loves to shop. Correction: shop at Nordstrom. Add the bonus of her great taste. Not to mention the cherry on top: she's so thoughtful!

Thanks, Mom! I love them! :)


Edited to add: oh and by the way, it's almost 2 am as I post this, but I still think/feel that it's Friday night. We're off to Jeff and Sara's wedding tomorrow! (Errr, this afternoon ... gotta go to bed!)

Oh oh oh ... before I forget! I put together this layout called 'Family' for a class I taught at Spark on Thursday demonstrating the new American Crafts line of papers, ribbon, and alphabet stickers. I used photos from my recent trip to Colorado of my sister and me with our cousins, Greg and Patrick, and our aunt. Very simple one to put together, plus I did the third challenge in Elsie's book by using ribbon to create a border!

Sleep, sleep ... !

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Debi said...

Hope you had a FUN weekend! And, wore those oh, soooooooo cute shoes! :)