so much to do ...

The new year brings so many things to my "to do" list. Or, I should say, there are so many things I have discovered lately that I have that "I totally HAVE to do this!" attitude. So many knitting projects, card ideas, things to check out ... the list goes on and on.

Plus, I've been on this lovely drug called
Prednisone lately. One of the side effects is hyperactivity.

And boy, let me tell ya ... I've been running on fumes this past week without sleep! I think I've averaged 4 hours a night. Seriously. I get a rush at 11 pm to wanna stay up and work work work. I gotta move move move. Then 3 am comes around and I crash crash crash. Freaky.

So tomorrow is the day that I take the very last pill and I'm a teensy bit afraid what I'm going to be like tomorrow night. I think I might pass out at like seven or something really early like that.

And on that note, let's just say that I'm glad I've managed to get a TON of things done in the past week thanks to el drug, including a special request of 45 bridal shower invitations.
Almost done knitting the fiancee's long awaited winter scarf. [Yes, I know it's winter now. Yes, I know I should be working on that instead of my blog right now.] Updated my MySpace layout and photo. Designed a bunch of cards. And don't forget - I updated my blog! LOL

Also wanted to send a shout out to a couple of customers real quick. You all should check out Marissa's blog - she and her husband do restaurant reviews like yours truly. And hello to Cathie - hopefully you've found this page via my website.

Oh and a special CONGRATS goes out to my friend Susan and her hubby Eric -- she's prego! Yay!!!

And last - but most certainly not least - a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish out to my friend Renee who's birthday is this Sunday. Oh and to my future mother-in-law who's birthday is on the 24th. Oh and to you too, Norma. :-)

Now where is that darn scarf I need to finish ...


Karen W said...

Hey Candice.......nice invites!!!! Your so talented. How is everything going???? Check out my blog when you get a chance for our latest announcement!! We gotta get togethr soon!!!!

scrapbookingoasis said...

Gorgeous invitations!