farmer's market at harvard

There's a farmer's market from 12:30 pm to 6:00 pm near Harvard Yard each Tuesday that I had yet to check out until today. It's going to be there until October 28th, so you guys should check it out. It's in front of the Science Center building and near Sanders Theatre where Kirkland and Oxford Street meet. There are some nice booths that sell a variety of fruits, vegetables, wild flowers, plants, herbs, lavender, bread, jams, fresh mozzarella, pastries, and more. I picked up a French baguette for dinner tonight, a little crate of freshly picked blueberries for Tony's breakfast tomorrow, and some yummy cookies from the Danish Pastry House's booth.

(I took this with my cell phone today ... sorry that it's not the best photo!)

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Amy said...

That's so funny. I went to the Newton Farmers' Market today. Great minds think alike. :)