the itsy bitsy spider

On my work today I stopped and took this photo of a spider in a web. Not quite itsy bitsy, rather large actually.

Anyway, kind of a downer ... I think I reagitated a fractured rib (which was from a stupid crafting accident last fall). It's quite sore and swollen so I've been icing it like crazy. Renee and I thought for a while that it was a baby's foot sticking out - ha ha ha ha ha ... yes, we are disturbed.

We're having a potluck event at work tomorrow and I'm so excited to see what people will bring in. I managed to make some brownie thins and rice krispie treats so hopefully they'll help calm someone's need for sugar! :)

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Amy said...

Crafting is a dangerous hobby! I hope you feel better soon. Take some pain meds and call me in the morning. :)