brush with fame: uma thurman

We went to see Uma Thurman's new movie, Motherhood, last night at the Kendall Square Theatre. For some reason, I thought the film started at 7:30 pm so we got there close to 7:25 only to learn that it began at 7:00! Oopsies! We ended up sitting all the way up front in the second row because the place was packed, so as you can imagine, my neck hurt by the end from having to look all the way up at the screen.

But it turned out that Uma Thurman did a Q&A session afterwards with the director and we were literally like ten feet away from them. Seriously! So being late meant we had nearly the best seats in the house in the end. Alas, I still haven't gotten that new digital camera so I had to try and take photos using different settings (the flash won't come on in auto mode - arggghhh!) and didn't manage to get very good shots.

Isn't she gorgeous??! I mean, I always knew she was attractive from watching her movies but wow, she is one beautiful woman! So leggy! I really liked the shoes she was wearing.

The movie itself was okay, definitely nothing like Kill Bill or Gattaca but I think she did a great job acting in it. It also stars Anthony Edwards and Minnie Driver, and will hit theatres on October 23rd.

Anyway, kind of crazy to think that we were sitting so close to her last night. I'm still a little bit star struck a whole day later (hee hee). Afterwards, we had dinner at The Blue Room in Kendall Square which you read all about here. It turned out to be quite a fun date night. :)


Anonymous said...

I'll admit she's gorgeous in a classy kind of way, but I think she's had work done (who in Hollywood hasn't?), so that knocks her down a peg for me.

- Mr. Picky

Anonymous said...

I re-read my comment... sounds way too negative... let me rephrase... she's hot -and- classy -and- a good actress

Allen Wong said...

Very cool. Loved her in both Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. And her dad is a prominent Buddhist scholar (which is why she has her first name). Her dad is a best friend of one of my old religion professors.