i spy ...

I was going through someone's blog tonight when I suddenly came across something that looked really familiar to me within a photo (click to enlarge).

Circled in blue (that was my doing) is one of my greeting cards!! It's a long story but basically it's in Singapore being sold at a little boutique shop called the Blogshop (how appropo, no?) through a company called Infinite.

It's pretty neat to think how something like the internet can connect two completely different worlds like that. I mean, that card is somewhere about 9,500 miles away from me right now. Kind of crazy to think of it that way.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty wild... WOW

Anonymous said...


This is Nicolette from Infinite. Haha!

I hope you don't mind that the whole thing is so messy! I was REALLY pissed off that the display would always be so messy, but then someone reminded me that it was a good sign. It meant that people were looking!

I've also sent you a conversation on etsy about Christmas! Do let me know if you're interested and thank you so much!