cupcake tower fit for a queen

This Sunday is my boss, Elissa's, birthday and since I'm going to be out of the office on Friday, I decided to surprise her today instead. I got this really cool collapsible tower from AC Moore and decorated it with cupcakes, Gerbera daisies, some curling ribbon, and a bow. She loves the color hot pink so I went with as much of it as I could find! I must say that a bit of my Martha side came out today and I was quite pleased with the way the tower turned out!

The cupcakes were by Betty Crocker - yellow cake and then I added some Ghiradelli milk chocolate chips, topped with vanilla icing, and then sprinkled with edible glitter. Who would've thunk that they make hot pink edible glitter?! Yes, edible!

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little.one said...

So pretty, Candice! Hope to see you this weekend at SOS.